Saturday, April 11, 2009

Intriguing Abyssinians


It is believed that all Abyssinian are descendant from one catnapped female from the port in Alexandria Egypt named Zula who landed in England thanks to a British soldier...of course this is nothing but a rumor. Many believe the Abby is thousands of years old directly linked to cats of ancient Egypt, and yet others believe that there are wild Abyssinian living in parts of North matter how the Abyssinian came to be they are without a doubt one of the most popular cat breeds in the U.S. today.


The streamlined and nimble Abyssinian has a wonderful coat that is thick, and soft and it comes in the most extraordinary color called Ruddy which is a reddish-brown base with black ticking (it reminds one of warm sand). Cinnamon is another combination with a yellowish-brown base with chocolate ticking. Blues which have a light beige base and blue ticking as with all the color combinations the back of the rear legs and all the pads are darker in color. Abyssinian have a very slight build, delicate even, but are well muscled. A wide head and large ears with mesmerizing hazel colored eyes.


If your looking for a snugly cat...the Abyssinian is not for you. You'll not find him curled up being somebodies lap cat. The Abyssinian is a independent sprite, wily and intelligent. Naturally cautious of people they do not know they do require a lot of face to face with their owners and seek affection from them. They like to explore their surroundings but are wise enough to stay out of harms way. They get along well enough with other pets (including cats) in the home if properly socialized.