Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy means Healthy

When adopting a kitten you must always make sure that the kitten you select is healthy, but take a look at the whole litter this is a good indicator. are the eyes bright and clear? No weeping from the corners. The nasal passages are free and show no signs of drainage. How healthy is the cats coat? Are the coats clean feeling, and showing no signs of dander? What about the tummy any flea bits? All these things are very important when selecting a kitten. The rule is healthy at birth and they will lead a long health life.
Even so it is up to you to take in your feline companion for annual check ups. Once a year off to the vet your kitty (Abyssinian or not) needs to go to get a check up which usually covers teeth, a listen to the heart, the health of his coat, and his temperature. It also gives you the opportunity to cover any concerns you may have. The fee is worth it considering the lifetime of love and devotion you will receive in return.